Ultimate Fan Films

I’m calling on my generation to band together to a make the worlds  first  Ultimate Fan Film. IF you would love to see a REAL GIjoe,  Heman ,Transformers, Star Wars  or  Thundercats  Movie Made then please join us. We all know that the modern corporate Structure wont ever produce a genuine 80’s movie again. Logically the burden falls upon us loyal Fans to do it. The first challenge will be to organize a large group of fans to participate in this endeavor. Second will be the need to raise very  large amount of funds. I am confident we will achieve both in the coming months and years. So please donate to our campaign.  More to come stay tuned. 


Batman vs Darth Vader is one of the best Fan Films ever made. But its only 6 minutes in length!  Our Fan Film will be a 2 hour Feature Film. 

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